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I am the eldest of six children. As a young boy, I lived in Warrensburg, NY.  Fond childhood memories among my two brothers are captured among dirt roads, riverbanks, lakes, fields and mountains.   The core of my visual expression encompasses the essence, the purpose, the recovery and my voice following adult severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). On a Philadelphia Sunday afternoon, May 15th, 2011, a near fatal injury took my life into a realm I had never known.  The emotional  landslide triggered  dormant creative ability and opened a  passage.   I choose to use  graphite, charcoal and limited pastel as a medium.   The source of inspiration is the pure naked presence of Adirondack nature and its innate architecture.  I embrace a very limited color palette and find that the detailing provides what full color does not provide.

Recent personal exhibits are very motivating for me and provide a sense of gratitude, humility, compassion and purpose.  I am aware that my artistic expression invites all ages,  including children and it solidifies a bond with children within the visual arts.  My artistic interactions within communities provide magical transformations from what we know as “disabilities” to  unknown “abilities” and fashions  mutual inspiration.



My work is created at Coffee Bars.  The patrons are an invigorating and invaluable source of untapped inspiration.  The souls that walk in the doors are those that represent the doctors, business professionals, servers, musicians, artists, politicians, families, spiritual seekers, authors, directors, even addicts.   They are all teachers of life’s lessons.


My most current work is titled “Emily’s Windows”.  I was commissioned for this piece.  The client is named Emily and she is a tenant on the third floor of a very old  building.  I was motivated by the architecture and  it is   is viewed from the window of a coffee bar.  Capturing European inspirational  architecture in Upstate New York caused  unplanned debate and conversations..  I knew I did my job.  I created conversation, debate and dialogue without saying a word.

My most recent exhibit it titled “The Adirondack Exhibit of Healing”.  I merged much of my early, sometimes disenchanted childhood and my severe TBI.  I searched for what was good, what was pure and fed moments of previous contented emotions into the work.  During the exhibit opening, unintentional footnotes created a deeper story within a story for the audience.   To my surprise, my work was not only purchased in multiples but with  footnotes as well.  


My deepest artistic intention is to further recognize and absorb what “source” is  providing  which  causes children to interact with my work, even purchase it.  My secondary artistic intention is to foster a different and new perspective on how and what  adults see as routine  in their daily lives.  



Samples of my work can be seen at www.FINEARTAMERICA.com.  For inquiries and/or special orders, I can be contacted at Rod.Bentley@yahoo.com or 315-565-9837.