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I began painting two years ago after exploring my dreams and unconscious material in the framework of a Jungian oriented analysis renewed my interest in art as well as poetry, mainly by the beats and their emphasis on automatic writing, and drawing.  

A drawing class with John Hampshire and one in Mythology with Paul Pines at Adirondack Community College deepened my interest in symbolism, especially as it applied to painting. 

I began exploring my interest using mainly acrylic paint and starting with a family home movie projector and box of old 8mm movies from my past for composition; this has led to an interest in abstract and outsider art and the application of the acyclic paint, especially the impact of transparency. I now work in a studio on Warren Street, in Glens Falls, and continue to explore the directions my painting and poetry take me in the space I have named The Belly Of The Whale.  

I have exhibited locally at Willows Bistro in April of 2013 ,Hudson River Music Hall in Hudson Falls , Pine St. gallery in Glens Falls for 3rd Thursday, art walk in Sept. 2012 and Glen Falls City Hall gallery in Dec of 2012….and my work hangs in several private collections.

Chris Daly is a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz where he obtained his degree in Art History. His specialization within the field is Italian Renaissance art and in particular late fifteenth century Florentine painting. Likewise, Chris’s production as an artist stems from his love of this art historical period and his paintings frequently derive from early Italian paintings, sometimes being painstakingly copied.


Whether it is an engaging portrait, a whimsical scene from Classical mythology, or a melancholic Madonna, Chris finds one of the best ways to understand an old work of art is through the intimate connection spent through analyzing its every brushstroke.


Please take the time to give us your thoughts & feelings in the artist Journal.

Thank you,

Matt and Chris Daly