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Eileen M. Hoffman was born on May 1, 1929.  She is a graduate of University of Maryland and received her masters degree from University of New York at Albany.  Eileen taught high school math until she married James Hoffman in 1963.

I reside with my husband in Barker NY, a small town on Lake Ontario between Niagara Falls and Rochester NY.  My love for the Adirondacks started 50+ years ago when I purchased 50 acres on Barney Hill.  A few years later we purchased an additional 70 acres which included Snowshoe Pond.   We have spent a great deal of quality time at Snowshoe with our family and friends over the past 50 years. We cherish this time as there is no place equal to the beautiful Adirondacks.

Painting has been a “hit & miss” hobby for 70 years, but recently has become a favorite pastime.  I am delighted to share my paintings with you.