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Federico was born in Paris France August 10, 1962. His grandfather was a Parisian painter.  By the time he was six his grandfather was providing him
with his own easel, oil paints and canvases. So it was early in life that Federico started seeing the world around him and wanting to capture that world on a two dimensional surface.

  After moving to the United States with his father, little brother and step mother, he continued to follow in his Grand- father’s footsteps. Towards the end of high school his interests went from painting to photography, out of wanting to capture life just as he saw it. Also towards the end of high school he became enthralled with bicycle road racing and decided to postpone his college education and go back to France to try and become a professional bicycle racer. Although securing a spot on one of the best semi-pro race teams in France, he once again got side-tracked and went back to school to study theology. Upon finishing his studies he tried to go back to bicycle racing, but he had lost his edge. Still wanting to race he tried his hand at motorcycle racing.

  After a few years working as a motorcycle mechanic and doing some racing, he started to feel his artistic side pull- ing once more at his heart. Once more returning to school he studied with the New York Institute of Photography in 1996. He has been working as a commercial and fine art photographer since then.

“In a Different Light”

  Light is what photography is about, painting with light to be exact. However there is more to light than what the human eye is able to see. The color images in this collection were part of a larger project called “In a Different Light”. They are photos taken using infrared light instead of the visible light spectrum that the human eye sees. In the past to view the

world in infrared, you needed to use special film that was sensitive to that light wave. This film was hard to control and develop.

   What most people don’t know is that digital

sensors are sensitive to infrared light. By using a special filter that blocks out about 95% of the visible light waves you can create an exposure using almost only infrared light waves.  It is important to understand that these are not computer generated images; it is not a Photo shop special effect. These images were captured basically as you see them with the camera. In a sense then, what you are looking at is the world, as it would look to us if we

were to see infrared light instead of the visible light spectrum we see. You are seeing the world literally in a different light.

  These images are all museum quality giclee prints printed on one hundred percent cotton

paper using pigmented inks, giving them a slight watercolor look and an archival quality

of 150 to 200 years

Federico Moretto