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About the artist: Anna “A.J.” Newton currently resides in Selkirk, NY and  co-owns and operates a kids art studio in Albany, NY www.myartutopia.com  She received her degree in Fine Arts from Sage College of Albany in 2005.

This is her first art show and is looking forward to sharing her work with the public. AJ enjoys painting with acrylics and creating mixed media art. She is not afraid of color, texture, and using obscure imagery and symbolism while experimenting with different mediums.


Artist Statement:

 My show is called “Letting Go”. My most successful artwork is produced when I allow myself to paint from my heart not my head. While I want to control my brush it often controls me and I let the painting take on a life of its own--this is when the real magic begins. I get lost in the creating process, forgetting my existence, and my canvas absorbs all of me for that moment in time.

Over the past year I have struggled with a very emotional event which I allowed to turn my world upside down. Through the ups and downs of my transformational journey I had my art to help carry me through to the other side. I have found healing, understanding and peace of mind. I am very happy to share my artistic journey with others as it will bring my experience full circle. 

There is a beauty in both the light and darkness of oneself and should be embraced with an open heart. Change is inevitable and should be welcomed, always.  There is an art to learning when to hold on and when to let go and it was in the process creating I was able to let go and find my truth.