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Welcome Americaiders,  and customers of the Willows Bistro! 

I don't know about you girls, but a man in a cowboy hat can make my heart flutter.  Not any old hat rack,  but a man who is "the real deal," as my Adirondack friend Johnny,  says. I have taken a number of trips to New Mexico and Arizona, and captured on film and now digital, many  hats, horses, sunsets,  old cars, garages, saloons,  and anything else I please.  It seems so easy, in the old western towns, to find the "real deal." The "TOMBSTONE" images are from my "TOMBSTONE" solo show, which debuted in July 2009. Several  of the selections here have been juried into New Mexicos Hubbard Museum of the American West  Fall American Photography Exhibition, a prestigious, national juried show. My photography has been accepted into this show 3 years in a row now. I am a happy girl.
In the "TOMBSTONE" show, you will find the best of the West. I also have snuck in some  prints  of locals doing their western thing. I hope you enjoy my print selections  throughout the month of June at the Willow Bistro.  Please sign my guest book, and if interested in purchasing, I would be happy to speak to you.  My card is available on the prints. Enjoy!!!
 Sue Clark -