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John Parker first began snapping pictures aboard USS Askari, a Navy repair ship, during the Vietnam War. The more he snapped, the more he learned. After his discharge, John returned to Warren County, and the hobby took a back seat to his developing vocation as a carpenter  Some years later, with the emergence of digital photography,
     John’s interest was rekindled, and he began spending hours taking pictures while walking in the Adirondack woods, parking his motorcycle beside a winding coastal highway in Nova Scotia or touring the Rockies and Grand Canyon with his wife, Lenny. Over the years he has honed his craft, using a series of Canon cameras.


John specializes in high resolution panoramic photography, and his works include dramatic gorges, wildly churning mountain streams, mirror-surfaced lakes and autumn-splashed townscapes. He has found great inspiration in the works of the late Stan Cranker of Warrensburg, Ed Wyant of North River, and Carl Heilman. He learned a great deal about high resolution panorama technique from the online resources of Max Lyons. 
John Parker digitally signs all his photos, and offers each either professionally matted and framed, professionally double-matted, or as picture only. Most are available in a variety of sizes, matting and frames to suit the owner’s décor. He is able to reproduce each in a variety of sizes, such as the five inch by seven inch butterfly and the enormous bird’s-eye panorama of Warrensburg now on display at Willows Bistro. Still not big enough? A commercial grade wallpaper mural is another option.

John Parker will be on hand to greet the public, answer questions and take orders at Willows Bistro from 7 – 9 p.m., June 11, during “Readings at Willows Bistro,” can discuss sizes and subjects offered. To learn more about Parker’s exhibit, visit www.willowsbistro.com, stop in to talk to Debbie Swan, or phone her at 518-504-4344.